Cardo Systems Launches Motorcycle SCALA RIDER Q2 MULTIS

Two Ready-to-Use Enhanced Motorcycle Scala Rider Q2 Wireless Headsets Packaged Together For Instantaneous, Clear Bike-to-Bike Communications* Right Out of the Box.

Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in the field of wireless Bluetooth® communications for motorcycle helmet headsets, today announced the launch of its new product, the SCALA RIDER MULTISET.  The MULTISET retail box includes two ready-to-use, enhanced SCALA RIDER wireless headsets for hands-free and safe bike-to-bike communication (up to 500m/1640ft)* as well as for hands-free conversations when paired with mobile phones.

The Q2 MULTISET was created with the safety, convenience and enjoyment of motorcyclists in mind. The headsets come pre-paired so that riders can instantly begin communicating with each other. For added entertainment, an MP3 jack is included in both headsets which allow each rider to connect their personal MP3 player to the unit so they can each enjoy their own music. Incoming intercom messages and mobile phone calls automatically override the MP3 music so hands never have to leave the handlebars. An extra large, wind-resistant 195 mm microphone has also been included to greatly enhance sound quality.

"With the SCALA RIDER Q2 MULTISET we continue to empower bikers with the best communication technology available, without compromising safety. To offer a smooth out-of-the-box experience the two headsets come factory paired, so that users can instantly start enjoying the product. As the fifth addition to our SCALA RIDER® line of products, we keep pushing the envelope for our customers by offering optimal solutions for every need", said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc.

The two enhanced SCALA RIDER Q2 headsets featured in the MULTISET retail box employ Multiple Device Connection (MDC) technology, with added features that allow bikers to connect wirelessly by Bluetooth® to several audio sources including the following: in-helmet voice instructions from a GPS unit, mobile phone conversations with third parties and intercom conversations with passengers and with other bikers. The headsets also feature high-quality FM radio transmissions from the embedded FM radio. Whether you are riding your motorcycle with a friend on another motorcycle or riding with a passenger, the SCALA RIDER Q2. MULTISET is a great way to communicate with another biker while on the road.

The SCALA RIDER Q2. MULTISET headsets are also fully backward-compatible with the entire line of earlier SCALA RIDER models. In addition to MDC technology and Bike-to-Bike intercom communications*, the MULTISET pair offers the same high-quality performance as in previous SCALA RIDER models, including wind impact reduction, voice controlled receipt and rejection of incoming calls, automatic volume adjustment according to driving speed and ambient noise, full rain and snow protection and more.

The new SCALA RIDER Q2 MULTISET is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at




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