Arai RX-7 Corsair | Show Case

Indisputably, the most important item of protection we wear is a helmet, especially for riders who habitually push the speedometer needle hard to the right. Therefore, it is crucial that the helmet you choose refuses to compromise on protection, while providing the luxurious comfort required for all-day, everyday excursions.

At the pinnacle of helmet technology is the Arai RX-7 Corsair, one that you have seen us wearing within the pages of Ultimate Motorcycling. Snell certification speaks to the helmet’s safety, but that’s merely a portion of the story. Using Arai’s latest handmade Structural Net Composite shell construction, the Corsair is nearly three ounces lighter than the RX-7 it replaces, and lowers the helmet’s center of gravity. (Click image to enlarge)

The Corsair’s enhanced organic shell shape is one of two types offered by Arai, so you are likely to find a perfect match for your head, which is compulsory for comfort and quiet. We also value the nearly distortion-free face shield, effective venting, and multidensity Dry-Cool liner. Prices range from $608 for ready-to-paint white to $756 for this Nakano 2 Racer Replica.