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Ducati Gear

DucatiZegna, the substance of what Italian sartorial legends are made of, has over the past year teamed with two of Italy’s most respected names, Ducati and De Rigo, to further define and exemplify who the brand represents—the man of constant movement, with a love of quality, sensations of leather, metal and high-tech mechanicals.

There is a passion for freedom and performance, and a deep-rooted faith in the Italian tradition.

Ducati, Zegna and De Rigo come together to create essential lifestyle accoutrements for the stylish motorcyclist. (Click image to enlarge)

Two years following the launch of the Z Zegna fragrance, Ducati designed a limited edition collector’s bottle for the line, Z Zegna Design by Ducati.

Adopting the legendary racing stripe of Ducati, the bottle is coated in matte black lacquer, tracing out the form of a refined machine.

The fragrance remains sharp and vibrant, with fresh, masculine Sicilian Bergamot blending with wild rosemary and Casoar fruit from New Guinea, as well as nutmeg and white pepper.

Cashmere wood, patchouli and oak moss comprise the warm, earthy base of this distinctly Mediterranean scent.

The 3017 Highway by DeRigo Vision is a six base mask with a metal front and flex hinges, available in ruthenium with dark orange leather temples, gunmetal with black leather or sand with brown leather.

The Zegna eyewear collection is available in America for the third year, through an exclusive distribution agreement with the Viva International Group.

www.zzegna.com | www.vivagroup.com


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