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Significant changes in dirt bike technology tend to come in large leaps. The two-stroke revolution in the mid-’60s ushered in a generation of lightweight off-road machines. The innovation of long-travel suspension by Maico in the early-’70s forever improved our ability to tackle inhospitable terrain at ever-increasing speeds. Earlier this decade, riding a wave of stunning technological advances, four-strokes reclaimed their dominance in the dirt.

Christini redefines the off-road paradigm. (Click image to enlarge)

Christini Technologies’ all-wheel drive motorcycles are an advance in off-road technology that matches the sea changes preceding it. This practical application of all-wheel drive to an off-road motorcycle enhances the rider’s capabilities and confidence far beyond previously held expectations. Insurmountable hills are conquered, impassable mud bogs are crossed, and slippery trails become tacky.

Power is transferred from the countershaft to the front wheel using an array of chains, shafts and bevel gears. One-way clutches and a freewheeling front hub ensure the smooth application and subtraction of power to the front wheel on an as-needed basis. But, at its heart, the Christini system is more ingenious than complicated, as many great designs are.

Currently, Christini modifies the frames and forks of selected Honda and KTM models to AWD. However, the end game for the company is to license this spectacular system to OEMs for mass production. The design is now proven—it will be fascinating to watch its wider deployment.




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