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One of great things about Icon, is that much of the apparel they looks cool on whatever you’re riding–from a sport bike to a cruiser (especially one with a sporting bent). The Merc Leather Hero jacket fits into that category, even with its distinctive rubberized logos from performance companies such as Dunlop, Ohlins, Motul, NGK and Vortex. The simple, classic styling that serves as a backdrop for your "sponsors" is what makes the Hero work on a variety of bikes. The jacket isavailable in five colors, but we do prefer the basic black (white, yellow, red and blue are also available if you must match a particular bike in your garage).

With full-time venting in the abdomen and arm, this is not a cold weather jacket (though, a removable liner, held in with a zipper and buttons, does help in cool weather). I’ve ridden it on days ranging from 45-degrees to over 110-degrees (thanks, Buell, for the "Summer In Bakersfield" intro) and it is comfortable at those extremes, except for the winter airflow over my neck.  There aren’t any adjustable vents, though you can unzip the two external pockets to flow additional air. That still leaves you with an internal zippered pocket to store your wallet and cell phone.



CE armor is included in the shoulders and shoulder, to assist the leather in unfortunate circumstances. In daily riding, the tailored jacket fits and feels great. Break-in time is about one ride–maybe a couple–and after that you’re set. Even after many rides, the jacket retains its looks, rather than attaining an early patina. You may not be running Ohlins suspension or Dunlop tires, but, don’t worry, we won’t tell.




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