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  • Triumph X-75 Hurricane | Motorcycle Review

    Triumph X-75 Hurricane | Motorcycle Review

    X-75 Hurricane Review

    There are certain motorcycles that capture your imagination as a youngster, and that grasp is never relinquished. For me, the Triumph X-75 Hurricane is such a bike. Ever since I first spied it in the motorcycle publications of the early 1970s, when it was still being presented as a Vetter BSA prototype, I have been captivated by its sleek seat/tank unit, graceful striping, and, most of all, the bouquet of three megaphone-style mufflers on its right side.

  • 1901-1953 Indian Motorcycles | QuickShift

    1901-1953 Indian Motorcycles | QuickShift

    Native American
    As the oldest brand of American-made motorcycles, born in 1901, Indians have always carried a special cachet. Although production grounded to a halt in the Springfield, Mass., plant in 1953, the Indian name and mystique lives on among passionate enthusiasts, who keep more than 25,000 pre-1953 bikes registered and running on American roads.