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  • Kawasaki ZX-10R | Wayne Rainey Tribute

    Kawasaki ZX-10R | Wayne Rainey Tribute

    1983 Superbike Champ

    Motorcycle racing is a brutal affair, in both the physical dangers and the elusiveness of success for its competitors. Victory and fame are dependent on the merging of raw talent, discipline, opportunity, will, and desire–not to mention capable machinery and ample luck. Among the myriad names inked into the annals of this most ephemeral of professions there are but a relative handful that have earned the status of legend. When a racer continues to garner respect and reverence years after their reign is over it is a testament of true greatness.

  • Suzuki Hayabusa | Twin-Turbo Phoenix

    Suzuki Hayabusa | Twin-Turbo Phoenix

    Custom Hayabusa

    Google "Hayabusa custom", and 12,000 hits will be your reward. Given the well-tilled condition of that particular soil, how would you craft a revolutionary take on the Suzuki racer that would blow the mind and scorch the eyeballs of even the most jaded Custom Sportbike fiend? If you were McCoy Motorsports of Pikeville, Ky., you’d take six months, spend a quarter-of-a-million dollars and hand-build this mandible melting Suzuki Hayabusa Twin-Turbo Phoenix. (Click image to enlarge)