2022 Honda PCX First Look (+ ’22 Ruckus and Metropolitan)

Honda has upgraded to PCX150 with a new motor and redubbed the scooter the PCX. The 2022 Honda PCX scooter gets a 157cc powerplant that Honda describes as “freeway-capable.” We don’t have all the details on the new motor, but it’s an oversquare design, and Honda says “the engine remains smooth, quiet and extremely efficient.” Selectable traction control is part of the motor package.

The PCX has a new chassis that is lighter and, according to Honda, corners better. The 2022 Honda PCX gets roomier under-seat storage, as it will now hold 30 liters of cargo. Urban after-dark riders will notice the all-LED lighting.

2022 Honda PCX First Look: Price, MSRP, and Colors

The 2022 Honda PCX will be in dealer showrooms in March with a $3799 MSPR for the standard model, which is $100 more than PCX150 it replaces. The ABS version of the new PCX adds just $200 to the price tag. You won’t have to agonize about what color to select, as the PCX will only be available in Pearl White.

Honda is also bringing back two 50cc scooters, each of which skipped model-year 2021 and have a devoted following—the sophisticated Euro-styled Metropolitan and the genuinely unique Ruckus.

2022 Honda Ruckus: Price and Colors

The 2022 Honda Ruckus is $50 more than the 2020 version. While the ’20 Ruckus came in a choice of two colors, the ’22 gives you three all-new colors—White/Pearl Blue; Midnight Blue/Tan; Gray.

2022 Honda Metropolitan

The 2022 Honda Metropolitan is completely unchanged from 2020. The color choices—Pearl Soft Beige and Coastal Blue—and the $2499 MSRP are identical to the ’20 edition.

“Scooters and small-displacement motorcycles continue to play an important role in American Honda’s on-road lineup, appealing to new riders and serving as fun and economical transportation,” Senior Manager of Powersports Marketing for American Honda Lee Edmunds explained. “With the introduction of the all-new PCX and the return of our stylish 50cc scooters, there’s something for every commute and around-town ride.”

We have tested the Honda PCX150.

We have tested the Honda Metropolitan.

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