Pando Moto Unveils 2020 Collection – Fashionable Moto Gear for the Safety Conscious

European motorcycle gear manufacturer Pando Moto has unveiled its voguish new 2020 collection. Included in this year’s lineup is a full range of motorcycle gear, along with accessories and apparel for the urban-minded rider.

Founded in 2011, Pando Moto made its entry into the world of motorcycle gear with high-quality riding jeans. Now, the lineup has expanded beyond its high-performance riding jeans and jackets, to also include thermal base layers (cooling and warming), streetwear, accessories, and armor.

Pando Moto Karldo Kev 01 Motorcycle Jeans - location
Pando Moto Karldo Kev 01 jeans

Pando Moto’s mission has always been to deliver stylish, comfortable motorcycle wear that doesn’t compromise protection in the name of fashion. To that end, Pando Moto designers have always relied on the latest state-of-the-art textile processes and materials to produce its garments, including Kevlar, Cordura, and Dyneema, in the pursuit of their goals.

What’s New in 2020

The 2020 Pando Moto Collection offers even more single-layer motorcycle apparel options, by using UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), ensuring improved ventilation in warm riding months. To increase mobility and comfort, ultra-thin SAS-TEC armor is integrated into most 2020 offerings. All Pando Moto garments are CE level-rated, as is the armor included with them.

Pando Moto Steel Black 9 Pants - front
Pando Moto Steel Black 9 Pants

Pando’s single-layer range includes options for men and women made from Dyneema denim. Dyneema jeans offer some of the best flexibility, stretchiness, and comfort on the market, while also offering durability and abrasion resistance, which is a must for any motorcyclist. The updated Steel Black 9 for men and Kissaki Black for women are both new 2020 Dyneema options from Pando Moto.

Pando Moto Kissaki Black Women's Jeans Front
Pando Moto Kissaki Black Women’s Jeans

This year’s collection also includes single-layer riding jeans made from Cordura denim, a nylon-based fabric with a considerable amount of abrasion resistance that closely mimics the traditional look and feel of denim. For improved comfort, all Cordura jeans also incorporate Coolmax technology, which helps manage heat during hotter rides.

Pando Moto Karldo Kev 01 Motorcycle Jeans - front
Pando Moto Karldo Kev 01 jeans

All-new in 2020 is the Karldo Kev 01 jean, which provides an additional layer of protection for riders in the form of DuPont Kevlar lining in high-risk areas. Not only that, but the Karldo is the first Pando Moto jean to incorporate Cordura mesh panels for enhanced ventilation, allowing maximum ventilation in the Summer months.

2020 Pando Moto Jackets

 Pando Moto will be offering two unisex motorcycle jackets: The Capo Cor 01 Overshirt and the Bomber Cor 01 jacket.

Pando Moto Capo Cor 01 motorcycle jacket - front
Pando Moto Capo Cor 01

The Capo Cor 01 is a follow-up to the fashionable Capo riding shirt, with some crucial changes in terms of functionality and appearances. In 2020, the Capo Cor 01 is restyled and more dashing than ever, featuring new ventilation panels, as well as YKK zippers in the armpits, to increase airflow across the entire body. Still, riders can expect CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, combined with Cordura fabric for high amounts of abrasion resistance. Back armor is optional, and we recommend it.

Pando Moto Bomber Cor 01 motorcycle jacket - front
Pando Moto Bomber Cor 01 jacket

They say you can’t beat the classics, and the Bomber jacket is a military-inspired, bomber-style jacket made from Cordura denim combined with Coolmax moisture-wicking technology. CE rated SAS-TEC TripleFlex armor is included in the elbow and shoulders. A CE-rated back protector is optional.

Base Layers

 Back by popular demand, Pando Moto is offering the Skin unisex, abrasion-resistant tops and bottoms, along with the Shell base layer top. Constructed out of rugged UHMWPE and Lycra materials, the base layers are equipped with CE-rated knee, shoulders, and elbow protection, with inserts for optional back armor.

Pando Moto Skin base layer - women's
Pando Moto Skin base layer

Motorcycle Armor

Pando Moto has tapped German armor manufacturer SAS-TEC, as its next-generation motorcycle armor. It is not only CE-approved, but also light, flexible, and low-profile. SAS-TEC utilizes viscoelastic soft foam, which hardens during impacts. It absorbs and distributes shock forces throughout the armor, reducing the risk of fractures or injury. Importantly, the armor returns to its original shape after receiving a blow.

SAS-TEC armor front back
SAS-TEC armor

CE Certification

 Pando Moto gear has always maintained CE ratings on all our motorcycle gear. Its equipment is approved in certified testing facilities and meets or surpasses the required standards.

CE standards feature five different classification levels (AAA, AA, A, B, and C) for apparel. Previously, all Pando Moto garments were classified at the AA level. However, with the introduction of the 2020 Pando Moto Collection, specific garments score an A level certification, which is aimed at urban riding exclusively due to its lower abrasion resistance.

To see the full 2020 Pando Moto Collection, check out the catalog here.

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