Community Classic and Custom Motorcycles Ex-Renzo Pasolini Benelli (1967) Set for Classic TT Lap of Honor

Ex-Renzo Pasolini Benelli (1967) Set for Classic TT Lap of Honor

Ex-Renzo Pasolini Benelli Set for TT Honor Lap

One of the most exotic motorcycles Team Obsolete has in its collection – an Ex-Renzo Pasolini 1967 Benelli 350/4 – will once again make an appearance on the 37.73-mile Mountain Course on the Isle of Man.

This time the Benelli won’t be competing; rather, it will be displayed and ridden by TT-racer Dave Roper during the Classic Racer Magazine Classic TT Lap of Honor, which is set for Monday, August 27.

Ex-Renzo Pasolini Benelli (1967) Set for Classic TT Lap of HonorThis is the sixth-straight year that Team Obsolete has been invited to the Isle of Man TT Classic TT to bring a bike from it’s collection; this year’s collection will feature pre-1992 racers.

Besides being ridden by the 1984 Senior Historic TT winner Roper, the Benelli will also be featured in the VMCC Festival of Jurby on Sunday, August 29.

The bike is the same seven speed Benelli that Renzo rode to an hard-fought, second-place finish in the Junior TT in 1968 behind Giacomo Agostini on his MV Agusta.

It is also the very same bike that rider Dave Roper so famously rode to victory at the 1993 Daytona 350 “Historic GP” and later crashed at Kerrowmoar while leading the 1993 Junior Classic Manx GP.

“After an extensive rebuild the Benelli has been run several times in preparation for the coming event, says Robert Ianucci, Team Obsolete Manager.

“We are excited to return the machine to the island 50 years after Pasolini’s podium to share its song with the faithful once more.”

For more, visit the Classic TT.

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