2017 Honda X-ADV First Look | Urban Adventure Motorcycle

2017 Honda X-ADV First Look
2017 Honda X-ADV

2017 Honda X-ADV First Look | EICMA Debut

2017 Honda X-ADV First Look
2017 Honda X-ADV

It isn’t slated for release in the United States, yet, but the 2017 Honda X-ADV is definitely a next-generation motorcycle worth examining. A truly multi-purpose motorcycle, the X-ADV is, according to a Honda spokesman, “combines the spirit of adventure with all-round performance, premium specifications, practicality, and comfort for urban commuting and weekend escapes.”

The 2017 Honda X-ADV is power by a 745cc twin, tuned with a focus on torque. A Honda Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) makes the X-ADV accessible to riders unfamiliar with a manual clutch, as well as making it easier to ride in urban areas for all riders.

The Honda X-ADV may have a plasticky look, but underneath, Honda says it has a “tough chassis.” We can see the inverted forks—Honda calls them “long travel”—twin discs with radially mounted four-piston calipers, wire-spoke tubeless rims, Bridgestone Trail Wing off-roadable tires, and handguards. So, it definitely has premium components that can be of value in a number of situations.

Other features include a five-position windshield, centerstand, rally-style multi-function LCD dash, a Honda Smart Key system, a storage space under the seat large enough to swallow a full-face dirt bike or adventure helmet.

If you think the X-ADV has a continental look, it was designed at the Honda R&D Europe in Rome.

We would definitely encourage Honda to bring the 2017 Honda X-ADV to America!




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