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1960 BSA Gold Star For Sale - Mecum Auctions Monterey

Six Amazing Motorcycles From the Venter Collection on the Block

Mecum Auctions will be offering vintage motorcycles from the Dr. J. Craig Venter Collection at Mecum Auctions’ Monterey 2016 auction on August 18-20. Held at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa on Del Monte Golf Course, 50 motorcycles will be up for auction. Let’s look at six prime picks from the Venter Collection that will get your bidding arm working overtime.

1. 1929 Indian 101 Scout

1929 Indian 101 Scout For Sale

While you can probably buy four new Indian Scouts for what this 1929 Indian 101 Scout will go for, this is one sweet motorcycle. Restored by Joe V Cycle in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, the Indian 101 Scout was a favorite of original Wall of Death riders, and remains so to this day. If you have a hankering to do some Wall of Death excursions yourself, this 1929 Indian 101 Scout has a rebuilt motor, magneto, and brakes, and is absolutely a runner.

2. 1960 BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman

1960 BSA Gold Star For Sale

Anyone in the market for an authentic café racer will be hard pressed to pass up this 1960 BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman. Featuring a 500cc motor tuned for racing, this bike has a 1.5-inch Amal GP2 carb, close-ratio four-speed gearbox, high-capacity chrome fuel tank, clip-ons, rearsets, and alloy rims—it is ready right now for true café racing. John Gleed renovated this 1960 BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman 23 years ago, and it has been maintained since and should top 110 mph on a straight between cafés.

3. 1939 BMW R12

1939 BMW R12 For Sale

Just as WWII was preparing to ravage Europe, BMW was building some beautiful bikes at its Dixi factory, including the 1939 BMW R12. This side-valve boxer twin has a four-speed transmission with right-side hand-shifting, a hand clutch, interchangeable wheels (with seven-inch drum brakes), telescopic forks and a sprung seat. Ready to ride with a pressed steel frame, the bike was on display for years at BMW of San Diego, as well as inside Dr. Venter’s museum.

4. 1910 Harley-Davidson Model 6


Did you think belt drives were something relatively new on Harley-Davidson motorcycles? Well, 116 years ago Harley used a one-and-three-quarters-inch leather belt drive for this Model 6. The bike displaces 30 cubic inches and has impressively large 28-inch wheels. This bike has full documentation and is original, with restoration work done. Typical of the Dr. J. Craig Venter Collection machines, it runs, so it isn’t simply a bike to look at.

5. 1913 Indian Single Board Track Racer


It might be difficult to find a board track on which to race this single-cylinder 1913 Indian, but it does run and the 30.5 cubic inch engine and two-speed transmission will take the Indian up to 85 mph. A museum-worthy piece restored by Jim Proper of West Arlington, Vermont, the bike has an authentic 1913 Indian engine and frame, along with other period-correct parts.

6. 1935 Brough Superior 11-50


Sidecars are something special, and a Brough Superior with a sidecar is over the top. The 1100cc V-twin JAP side-valve motor puts out an impressive 50 horsepower. Primarily a police machine, this was sold as a civilian vehicle on July 1, 1935 in Staffordshire, UK. The Serial 101 Alpine sidecar is apparently the first Alpine sidecar made, according to Brough Superior records. Although not the original frame–it’s from a 1939 Brough Superior—this bike runs and has a four-speed, hand-shift transmission. According to the Brough Superior Owners Club, this 1935 Brough Superior 11-50 is in period-correct form.

Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions

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