Rizoma | Latest Motorcycle Parts Bred from Pure Italian Styling

Rizoma | Latest Motorcycle Parts Bred from Pure Italian Styling

Rizoma 2016 Motorcycle Parts/Accessories

Rizoma | Latest Motorcycle Parts

Rizoma has been in the aftermarket business for many years, building high quality, gorgeous components for a wide variety of motorcycles on the market. The Italian manufactures have seemingly been at the forefront of style and taste when it comes to aftermarket solution, which makes sense seeing as they’re located in the heart of the Italian fashion district.

For now, they’d like to make you aware of some of their offerings in 2016. If you’d like to check out their complete lineup, check out this link to their catalog.

Rizoma Pro Guard System - Front Brake Lever Guards

Rizoma | Latest Motorcycle Parts Bred from Pure Italian Styling

Rizoma was one of the first brands to manufacturer brake guards. Today, these are common place pieces of equipment found on modern race machines and in fact, they’re required by any racing leagues that adhere to FIM rules, not to mention countless other racing leagues that have adopted similar safety protocols.

Brake guards have a simple but important job: Prevent unexpected brake-lever engagement. Rizoma’s high-qualiy, CNC milled aluminum Pro Guards can be found all of Moto2 machines, Suzuki and Ducati MotoGP bikes, as well as the MotoAmerica Yoshimura Suzuki machines.

They are currently available in two styles; The street edition which is straight and can be run on both the brake or clutch side, and the racing edition, which features a slight angle to allow more freedom when riding. For more information on the Pro Guard system, check out this link.

Rizoma Mirrors

2016 Rizoma mirrors for sale

Mirrors are often one of the first components to be replaced by a new bike owner. It’s the little things that make a bike yours and Rizoma has a full line, to suit virtually every style out there. Rizoma makes use of high-end automotive grade glass, the very same used by car manufactures such as Audi or Mercedes Benz, to allow you to see what’s behind you. Aircraft grade aluminum and convex, antiglare glass ensures that you’re going to get great rear-view vision. Coupled with high-quality anodizing processes and a tuned-alloy structure to decreased vibration, Rizoma is offering plenty of solutions to keep you safe out on the road. Check out their 2016 line, here.

Fluid Tanks (Reservoirs)

2016 Rizoma parts

Do you have a leaky or sun damaged fluid reservoir? Don’t let abrasive brake fluid damage your bike, upgrade to a Rizoma fluid tank. Rizoma’s reservoir tanks are constructed out of Aircraft-grade aluminum, machined from a solid billet block. Rubber seals rely on medical-grade rubber to ensure that no air or leaks occur, keeping your brakes working well for many years to come. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, Rizoma reservoir fluid tanks can accept DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid. Whether its brake or clutch master reservoirs that you’re in need of, Rizoma has you covered.

Indicator Lights

Rizoma | Latest Motorcycle Parts Bred from Pure Italian Styling parts for sale

Light weight, tasteful, aerodynamic. These marker lights, otherwise known as indicators, utilize LED lighting to make sure everyone in your proximity knows what your intentions are on the road. Mounted on a flexible rubber stock, these indicators can live up to the rigors the two-wheeled lifestyle. See their full line up here.


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