BikeMaster Motorcycle Detailing Blow Dryer

BikeMaster Releases Motorcycle Detailing Blow DryerYou know all of those detailing tools that you wish existed but you didn’t have? Well, BikeMaster probably makes them. One handy gadget that BikeMaster has brought to the market is its new Motorcycle Detailing Blow Dryer.

The BikeMaster Motorcycle Detailing Blow Dryer has its function in its name – it dries stuff with a blast of filtered air that helps save you time and energy while out in the garage.

What this would be amazing for is those areas on the engine case where dirt and grime collect. On a V-twin platform, that’s always at the base of the cylinder heads and getting road grime out of there can be a pain. But after hitting those areas with your favorite cleaner, then getting at it with this, it’ll be done in no time.

The motorcycle dryer is light weight, powerful, and features an 84-inch hose to make work in the garage simple. Complete with three different nozzle types, you’ll be able to get into any areas that you need to with ease.

This and many other BikeMaster tools are available through your nearest TuckerRocky distributor. For more information, visit TuckerRocky.