2017 Yamaha FZ-10 | Liter Bike FZ Confirmed for USA

2017 Yamaha FZ-10 | Liter Bike FZ Suspicions Confirmed
Yamaha MT-10, but what an FZ-10 should look like.

Yamaha FZ-10 – Coming to America for 2017

2017 Yamaha FZ-10 | Liter Bike FZ Suspicions Confirmed
Yamaha MT-10, but what an FZ-10 should look like.

Ever since Yamaha unveiled the MT-10 at November’s EICMA (Milan Motorcycle Show), the North American market drooled over the prospect of a liter bike in the FZ lineup. The reasons are obvious: both the current FZs in the USA lineup – the FZ-09 and FZ-07 – are favorites among all types of riders, from sport to urban.

But how about a liter bike version? Would we ever see it? Our suspicions were recently confirmed when CARB (California Air Resources Board) documentation certified a name that will have more than a few phones at Yamaha dealers ringing – the FZ-10, arriving as a 2017 model.

Those who have a penchant for wheelies are most likely grinning, and that same crowd can now mark their suspicions confirmed. Not too long ago, Yamaha announced that our Canadian neighbors to the north would be receiving the 2017 FZ-10. It made sense that eventually we’d be receiving the FZ-10 as well, but with no official word from Yamaha, many who desired the naked R1 were left feeling a bit anxious.

The FZ-10 will be making use of the very same 999cc inline-four, crossplane crankshaft engine that powers Yamaha YZF-R1, though likely retuned for better street manners. Of course, there will be some changes made to fit the FZ chassis. What won’t be changing is the plethora of electronic aids such as three-level traction control, three riding modes, revised fuel mapping and a slipper clutch. And surely expect ABS. Other creature comforts include cruise control but I doubt anyone riding this thing will be making use of that.

For those unfamiliar with the MT-10, it’s a direct extension of the MT/FZ line. From a styling perspective, it has a sharper edge than the FZ-07 and FZ-09, making them look quite tame in comparison. The MT-10 was originally marketed under the slogan “Dark Side of Japan.” While that is a bit dramatic for our tastes, suffice to say, the FZ-10 looks like it’s been hitting the heavy weights for a while now.

With no official word from Yamaha, we’ll have to wait for information on pricing, color options and specs.

Yamaha MT-10 Photo Gallery – What the FZ-10 Will Look Like




  1. Well I can change it over to my taste after its mine. But those Hi viz wheels are staying on.Thats My other favorite color.Thanks man. Happy riding.


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