DCH Electric Motorcycle Project | 21st Century Cafe Racer Exposed

DCH Electric Motorcycle Project for sale
DCH Electric Motorcycle Project

DCH Electric Motorcycle Project – Exposed

DCH Electric Motorcycle Project for sale
DCH Electric Motorcycle Project

Most electric motorcycle designers endeavor to create a countenance that appeals to those captivated by the appeal of internal combustion engines. Here at Ultimate MotorCycling, we are not immune to that affection. Much to his credit, Pablo de Chaves sees things differently.

An alumnus of the Lamborghini Design Center, the Design Department Manager at Tohqi Europa, and the holder of an MS in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes University, he has created the DCH Electric Motorcycle Project that makes the aluminum battery housing the centerpiece—visually and structurally—of a motorcycle with a highly functional industrial presentation.

With only a single bicycle-inspired seat and a top speed of 65 mph, the motorcycle is intended as urban transport. The minimalist DCH uses a bespoke 3.45 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery that keeps weight down and charging time to a minimum (two hours with a 17-amp source).

With the intention of licensing the design to another manufacturer, Chaves has kept assembly simple. The ST-52 tubular steel frame backbone is bolted to 6082-T6 aluminum CNC-machined parts. The aluminum swingarm is a TIG welded a air, with simple suspension at both ends.

The seat height is an inviting 31.5 inches, and it can be raised an additional two inches to accommodate taller riders. Rake is an aggressive 24 degrees, and the wheelbase stretches 57 inches—about the same as a Suzuki SV650. Michelin Pilot Sporty tires, with identical 100mm widths, are mounted to 18-inch 36-spoke rims.

“We could call it a 21st century café racer,” Chaves says provocatively. “It leaves nobody indifferent.”

As with any creative thinking applied to a motorcycle by an artisan, we are intrigued.

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