FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Celebrates 10 Years

FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Celebrates 10 Years
Avalon Biddle

FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission

FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Celebrates 10 Years
Avalon Biddle

It’s no secret that the world of motorcycling has been a bit of a boys club for more than a few years, but it's great to see organizers breaking down those barriers a bit such as the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission.

The 2016 season is a big one for the commission as it marks the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission's 10th anniversary. To help celebrate this milestone, the Commission is aiming to raise the profile of all women involved in motorcycling, no matter the discipline, bringing their involvement center-stage and highlighting the importance of equality in motorcycling. Hobbyist, professional and everything in-between will have the spot light shown on it.

Are you a woman involved with motorcycling or do you know any women involved with it? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then don’t be reserved. Share your experiences, your way into bikes or your success stories to encourage more women to get out there and ride all over the world.

The FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission believes that by taking part in this campaign, we will finally be able to unshackle the world of motorcycling from its male-centric view. And that can’t really be disputed, from the tacky pinup posters that line most garages and race events, things can be a bit uncomfortable for someone of the opposite sex that wants to get into riding. But for those that followed their passion and ignore all of that stuff, the FIM wants your voices, so that you can inspire a new generation of riders.

Create your "Women in Motorcycling Portrait" here", in order to get your name and story out there!

In a short time, a dedicated website will be available with all of the portraits that female riders have put up and the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission will be putting together a video to celebrate all female riders who take part in the world of motorcycling.

If you know women who ride, then share this link with them. FIM wants to cover as much ground as they can from every continent in the world. Follow and share the campaign on Facebook - #FIMWomen10Years


  1. Done! Just view the thousands of pictures from women on International Female Ride Day – tenth year this year! (Founding co. RaceGirl Motorsport/MOTORESS celebrates 17 years this year. And the first ever online community for women riders!)

    #ifrd uncovering the worlds women in photos. #getwithit

    Here some on Facebook.


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