Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans Review

Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans Review short

Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans Test

Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans Review
Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans

Riding in blue jeans is comfortable and fun, though I often think about the fact that they are simply not protective at all. Sure, most motorcycle jeans are lined with Kevlar but, usually, there is no protective armor in the very vulnerable knee areas. Take a spill and the jeans should not rip, but the energy of the impact will not be mitigated, resulting in what can be serious injury.

The Dainese P. Bonneville Regular jeans address that shortcoming by placing Pro-Shape knee armor in pockets in the knees. Provisions are made for Pro-Shape armor to be added to the hip area by including pockets, but not the armor, which is sold separately.

Pro-Shape is a soft, rubber-like material that is about a quarter inch thick and has a hexagonal, honey comb-like structure molded into it. When used in armor, it is certified to the CE standards. The pockets in which the Pro-Shape armor resides have about one inch of spare vertical space so that you may position the pads precisely and they will stay in place with hook-and-loop attachments. When wearing the Dainese P. Bonneville Regular jeans, the armor does not create telltale bumps and really does not detract from the look.

Dainese P. Bonneville Regular Jeans Review rear viewThe P. Bonneville jeans are true-to-size and designed with a gusset that tapers to just above the knees. Gussets are panels of extra fabric, usually sewn into the crotch area, that give more space, better comfort, and a trimmer fit. They also lessen the number of folds of the seams in critical areas.

Cut slightly low-rise, the Dainse P. Bonneville Regular jeans are a straight-leg design and are well proportioned. Dainese offers Bonneville Slim for those who prefer skinny-style jeans. Unlike most Dainese gear, the Bonneville jeans are sold in US sizes.

I ordered my usual jean size and the fit was perfect. They have a slight distressed look in dark indigo, with shades of black up close, and are also available in a more stone-washed medium blue.

Made in Italy, a close inspection of the details shows the jeans are of high quality construction. They use 100-percent reinforced denim with DuPont Kevlar panels, have a nicely lined waistband, four-rivet button fly, belt loops and four pockets, with accent sewn into the rear pockets. Light-reflecting inserts are integrated into the rear pocket accent, but you’ll have to be following me after dark to see them lit.

All this adds up to a well thought out garment, and the Dainese P. Bonneville Regular jeans are as comfortable for an all-day ride as they are for hanging out in the parking lot kicking tires, or a night on the town with no motorcycle nearby.

For additional information, visit Dainese.

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