NEXX XD1 Helmet Review: A Convertible for Your Head

NEXX XD1 Helmet Review: A Convertible for Your Head

NEXX XD1 Helmet Review: A Convertible for Your HeadVersatility is a huge plus in almost any product you buy these days. In the case of the NEXX Helmets XD1 full-face lid, versatility is one of the leading features.

The XD1 quickly converts from street to off-road to enduro configurations and does so quickly, without having to order many extra accessories. The “Fast Shot” quick release system for the visor makes removal and reattachment a quarter-turn proposition without tools.

Indeed, the XD1 comes complete with more included parts and accessories than most helmets I’ve seen and it also comes with a two-year warranty.

The additional items include a Pinlock-ready visor, (the Pinlock visor itself and the Quickstrap Goggle system pads are the only accessories that the user has to buy separately), helmet bag, ERGO padding system for fit adjustment, components for installing the X-com communication equipment, top and side mounting hardware for Go-Pro type cameras, mesh alternative chin bar vent, alternate peak extender, supports for the optional Quick Strap goggle system, comprehensive owner’s manual and warranty booklet.

NEXX Helmets, a business under NEXXPro, is based in Portugal and has had operations in European markets for some time, but now the Nexx brand is handled by its new operation Nexx North America Corp. for the United States and Canada. In 2012, NEXXPro achieved ISO 9001 Certification for its quality and reliability standards and systems.

Shell composition is described as X-MATRIX, which is constructed with multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement. According to the NEXX website, the XD1 model carries ECE/22-05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 approvals, all in a helmet that weighs only 1550g (3.41 lbs.) in the “enduro” configuration—its heaviest and only 1400g (3.08 lbs.) in “street” trim.

NEXX XD1 Helmet Review: A Convertible for Your Head On TriumphThe comfort liner is made with CoolMax fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away and allow cooling airflow inside. The cheek pads feature emergency quick release tabs to allow first responders to simply pull the cheek pads down and out of the helmet to make the helmet easier — and safer for the potentially injured rider – to remove.

A chin curtain helps minimize wind blast and noise in the helmet and reflective material is included in comfort liner that is visible on each side of the helmet. The comfort liner is plush, deep yet firm for an excellent fit, but the helmet also includes the “Ergo Padding System,” which allows precision fit adjustment.

The left side of the helmet is prepped to allow quick installation of the NEXX X-com intercom system (not included with the helmet). The retention system is a double-D ring system with a snap on the end of the strap to control the loose end.

Twin closable crown vents along with a giant closable chin bar vent bring fresh air into the helmet when you want it. Four non-closable exhaust ports allow air to flow out the back and two small non-closable chin bar vents allow air flow out of the face area.

The closable chin bar vent comes with an alternate screen-type cover to maximize air intake in hot conditions. That vent operates very easily with a simple push at the top end of it to open it and push in at the bottom to close it. The crown vents have two positions and open with a definite click.

The main external face shield is clear polycarbonate that pivots to a full-open position with a raised tab molded into the bottom mid-point of the lens, which is prominent enough to make it easy to find and use even with heavy gloves on. It locks down into the closed position with an audible click and also has a partial opening position just short of lock-down that allows additional air inflow.

An 80-percent gray tinted internal sun visor snaps down with easy, positive action via a small tab on the left side of the crown of the helmet. The tab is just large enough to be easy to use with riding gloves on.

It has a positive lock step when all the way up and in the all the way down position. Using the external clear shield when the sun shade visor is down is my recommendation because getting bug guts on the internal visor and then sliding it up into the helmet could make a mess that will streak the lens and be difficult to clean.

Reflective panels are built right into the helmet shell at each side of the top edge of the eye port and at the small NEXX “X” at the back of the helmet.

NEXX XD1 Helmet Review: A Convertible for Your Head packageTo accommodate accurate sizing across the full range, there are two shell sizes; one for size extra small to medium and one for large to XXL. In the case of the XD1 used in this review, the sizing for a large was spot-on. Color options include Black Moon, Black Moon Matte, Titanium Graphite Matte, Neon Yellow and Grey Reflex.

Proper fit is key for all-day wearability, as is a quality comfort inner-liner and adequate ventilation. In the case of the XD1, the CoolMax fabric interior and ventilation systems in the chin bar and crown of the shell work well for wearer comfort. The other factor in long-term in-use comfort is weight and in street mode the thee pound total weight is a big fatigue reducer. The comfort liner is removable and washable to keep the interior fresh even with heavy use.

At highway speed wind roar is minimal, but more noticeable with the large peak attached as in off-road and enduro mode. It’s not objectionable, but it’s there. With the clear faceshield locked down, the helmet’s aerodynamics are very good with minimal buffeting occurring at Interstate speed.

If you are one of those riders who goes both on and off-road and you don’t want to have to have multiple helmets to cover all the bases, the NEXX XD1 is a convertible for your head that is adaptable for both uses. The NEXX XD1’s MSRP is $499.95 for the Voyager, and $449.95 for the Plain.

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