Harley Sportster Clubman Handlebar - Cafe Racer Style
Harley-Davidson Clubman Handlebar

The Cafe Racer scene was always primarily dominated by British motorcycles, but America’s Harley-Davidson continues to garner traction in this unique culture of bike building. The main Harley found at worldwide Cafe Racer gatherings is the Sportster, a bike that surfaced in 1957 and catered to the sportier side of the market.

Obviously observing this trend, Harley has released a new product for 2010-later Sportsters – the Clubman Handlebar (P/N 55800341 Chrome, P/N 55800342 Satin Black; $199.95).

These make the Cafe Racer look easy; the one-inch diameter bars that accommodate internal wiring are 30.75-inches wide and position the grips three inches lower than a stock handlebar.

Harley says “With the grips below the top triple tree, the rider is placed in an aggressive, tank-hugging position. The Clubman bar can also be rotated forward to create an arms-out stance.”

Switch wires also drop out below the handlebar clamp for a cleaner look. Harley says Installation requires the separate purchase of additional components, and the bars will not fit 2011-later SuperLow Sportster models.

For additional information, visit Harley-Davidson.