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2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 fitted with sportbike bodywork Sportbike Bodywork

Some of you may remember the extraordinary Yoshimura race team replica replacement bodywork for my 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 that I got a couple years ago from

For just $626 (free shipping!) and about three weeks, can supply you replacement bodywork for most models from the Big Four Japanese brands, and several Ducati models too. Consider that: an entire bodywork kit for about the cost of one OEM panel.

Now… I’m about to blow your mind – actually, sit down please. Included in the price above is CUSTOM PAINT. By that I mean you can send them any design – including any picture you download – and they will replicate that design faithfully. The only thing they cannot replicate is graffiti, but beyond that, anything goes. That is an astounding value!

The bodywork is created faithfully, heck, it even has the part numbers on the back side. Unlike other brands you might find on eBay (yes, there are cheaper ones out there) the product is made from high quality ABS, and the lugs and attachment points are part of the mold and not just glued on afterwards. So astonishingly, this is actually HIGH QUALITY bodywork; believe me, all bodywork kits are not the same.

The kit also comes with all the unseen (typically black plastic) bodywork parts, the side panels, the heat shield that goes next to the exhaust, and a tinted windscreen. It really is the whole package. The only thing I would recommend you purchase in addition is a pop-on fastener kit (about $40) and possibly a bolt kit from a reputable manufacturer like Pro-Bolt. A lot of the fasteners that come off the old bodywork and not necessarily reusable and don’t look good even if you do.

Fast forward to this year and my pal Rick–who coincidentally also has a 2007 Gixxer Thou, decided that it was time to revamp his way-beyond-tired motorcycle. This was a fugly looking bike that badly needs a paint job. was the only choice, and in short order a bodywork set custom painted in the Fixi Crescent Suzuki World Superbike team colors was ordered.

It took around 4 weeks for the bodywork to arrive; if that seems like a long wait, the end result is truly well worth it.

Once again, the finished product is exemplary. The pearl white metallic paint is flawless, and the various immaculately reproduced sponsor decals are all under the clear-coat, giving the finish decent longevity. My Yoshimura replica bodywork is starting to get somewhat stone-chipped after two hard years, although in most places it is still in perfect condition. I recommend using some kind of plastic protective film over the most vulnerable areas and you’ll get even longer life out of this stuff.

So when you need replacement bodywork for your bike we highly recommend; their product is so remarkable I simply cannot understand how they can do it for the price. But I’m very glad they can.

The following pictures show the Fixi Crescent bodywork being fitted: 94
If you don’t think the finished article is a spectacular way to spend six hundred bucks then you should probably consider another hobby. 95
Another view of the GSX-R1000 with plastics. 1
The white paint is actually a pearl white mettalic 2
All logos are flawlessly reproduced and then clear coated 3
The attachment tabs are moulded in–not stuck on afterwards 5
The inside shows precisely same as OEM even down to the calendar labeling system! 6
Logos are beautifully reproduced 7
Logos are beautifully reproduced 8
Logos are beautifully reproduced (the dark color is the lighting, not the logo) 9
Logos are beautifully reproduced 10
The bodywork kit comes with all the other non-painted bits ‘n pieces including the oil cooler shroud 11
The bodywork kit comes with all the other non-painted bits ‘n pieces such as these side panels 13
Impeccably painted! The clear coat seems pretty deep 14
Fitting the intake trumpets that also come with the kit 15
Assembling the various non-painted items to the painted sections needs to be done carefully to make sure the tabs line up correctly 16
Attaching the plastic shrouds using their small tabs takes careful manipulating. The bodywork is strong though and we had no issues with tabs breaking 17
Attaching the plastic shrouds using their small tabs takes careful manipulating. The bodywork is strong though and we had no issues with tabs breaking 18
Attaching the plastic shrouds using their small tabs takes careful manipulating. The bodywork is strong though and we had no issues with tabs breaking 19
The final pieces lined up flawlessly once snapped into place 20
Finished piece fitted together flawlessly 22
Note locking tabs that slide to lock in place 23
The OEM headlight fitted perfectly. It isn’t screwed in here yet, just placed for fitement 25
Some slots had a little excess paint or plastic and needed trimming with a razor blade 26
Inside the front fairing section you can see how the pieces fit well together. Locking tabs are strong. 2
Inside the front fairing section you can see how the pieces fit so well 28
Assembled front section then slides on 29
It’s worth positioning some rags in strategic positions to prevent random scratches 31
It’s worth positioning some rags in strategic positions to prevent random scratches 32
Getting there… 33
Tabs are all still intact. It’s worth buying a pop-fastener kit and a screw and bolt kit 34
Getting there! 37
Fitting the inner shrouds takes some fiddling. Happy we had a lift! 40
The inner air ducting was fiddly but it was all provided and fitted together flawlessly 41
Slots and tabs all line up very well 43
Non-painted sections clip together absolutely perfectly. The inner air intake ducting and mesh are all provided 44
Non-painted items are nicely finished and fit perfectly 45
Opening up more slots with razor blade. Don’t overdo it! 46
No, the inside is not painted! 48
We used paper on the bench to protect the bodywork when paint side down 50
Some parts needed the rubber grommets replacing. You can use your old ones but it’s nicer to have new ones to match the nice new fairings 51
Screw retainer clip in place 53
Panel then fits on nicely and screws into place firmly 54
No gaps; the bodywork fits together well 56
Rubber inner shroud in between the panels is included 57
The panels fit well 58
Poor lighting doesn’t make it look like it, but actually the bodywork matches perfectly 59
Bottom section attaches as neatly as the rest of it 61
Tabs have to be keyed on correctly in order for it to fit well. If you’re careful it’s not that hard. 62
Another non-pained shroud goes into place 64
Attached, and the seams look good. 65
Tail section under tray protector is non-painted but looks good 66
Starting to fit the tail sections together. 67
Starting to fit the tail sections together. 70
Definitely getting there! 71
Tightening the bolt into the locking clip 73
Side is now attached 75
Lower section in lace and oil cooler shroud (provided) ties it all together 76
Ready for the lower section 76
Side panels not yet fitted 77
Lower section clips in place 79
Lower section clips in place 78
Lower section clips in place 80
Front fender slides into place and then bolts down 82
Gorgeous paint on the front fender… 85
Attaching the side panel 86
Under tray looks as good as the rest of it 89
Tail sections fit together with pop fasteners. Tail cover matches and looks great. 91
Attach the tank/air box cover first and then lower into place. 94
Finished! 95
Finished! 96
Finished! 97
Finished! 99
Finished! 101
Finished! 102
Finished! 103
Finished! 10
Finished! 106
Finished! 107
Finished! 108


Arthur Coldwells
President and Owner of Ultimate MotorCycling magazine

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