Cole Seely Exclusive Interview | 2015 Supercross Season

Cole Seely, Team Honda's newest rider

Exclusive Interview: Team Honda’s Cole Seely

Ahead of the 2015 AMA Supercross season, Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar sat down with Cole Seely – Team Honda’s newest rider in the 450 class.

Seely, who will campaign aboard a Honda CRF450R alongside Trey Canard, discussed the challenges of moving from the 250 to the 450 class.

The Californian will don the number #14, which was previously the number raced by the legendary Kevin Windham.

Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar: What is the biggest challenge for you in moving up to the 450 class?

Cole Seely: The biggest challenge will be the amount of racing as there are so many rounds back to back. I already have somewhat of an idea on what to expect as far as the environment for when I am racing. Having filled in for Team Honda in the past is definitely going to help me coming into the season this year. I’ve never raced that many rounds back to back, so that will be the biggest challenge for me.

UMC: How well have your previous rides helped prepare you for your first full season on a 450?

CS: It has helped me prepare by knowing in the back of my mind what to train for such as the amount of laps along with the bigger bike. Getting a taste of these things helps me know what I have to push for and are good to have in my back pocket to make the transition a little easier.

UMC: What sort of adjustments have you made in your training regimen to make it through the entire 17 round Supercross season?

CS: More time in the gym and more weight training as opposed to cardio training. Cardio is still a big part of my training program; I have just been trying to bulk up a little bit and build more muscle, which is kind of a challenge for me because my body build isn’t ideal for that. Overall, a little more detailed training I would say.

UMC: How much better is your 2015 race bike compared to the one you raced when you filled-in last year?

CS: The 2014 bike was great. They have definitely made some significant improvements this year. The motor package is really strong, even on the stock bike. I was blown away at how much power it had. Small tweaks here and there and they all add up to make the bike that much better. I was really impressed when I first got on it as it was such a good bike to begin with. To make it even better was surprising to me because I was so happy with it already.

UMC: Trey made the switch to KYB suspension mid-way through the outdoor season last year and you opted to stick with the Showa set up. What influenced your decision on that?

CS: I was actually waiting for someone to ask me about the Showa/KYB dilemma. It’s something that I have been very comfortable riding with. Ryo, the suspension tech over at Showa, and I have a really good relationship and he knows me really well as a rider. It’s been an easy set up to go off of. Having such a long history with Showa has been really good and we are just building off that. I was stoked that I had the option to pick between the two and I just went with what I was comfortable with, which was Showa.

UMC: What is it like having Trey as a teammate?

CS: It’s awesome. Trey is obviously a great rider who has had a lot of success. He is really fun to be around and is really witty. He keeps everyone on their toes and is just a fun person to be around and learn from. He has been through so much in his career and still has such a positive attitude and a good outlook on life. He comes from such a good family as well. I have known Trey for awhile and his mom and brothers are such great people. It’s definitely cool to call him my teammate this year.

UMC: What are your goals for the 2015 season?

CS: My goal is to race as best as I can. I haven’t really set a number in my head as to where I want to finish or anything like that. I feel that I have a really good team behind me along with a good crew. I have my trainer, Brian Lopes along with my riding coach, Jeff Ward, and my mechanic Rich there with me. Having those people in my corner, I feel like we are going to do a really good job this coming season and there is no reason why I can’t get back on the podium and hopefully win.

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