Ultra High Definition Coming to MotoGP Broadcasts

Ultra High Definition Coming to MotoGP Broadcasts

Ultra High Definition Coming to MotoGP BroadcastsMotoGP 4K Live Showcase

Dorna Sports is at the far edge of the sport it presents, MotoGP — the premiere league of professional motorcycle road racing. And now it is considering taking the presentation technology itself to the far edge.

Dorna is considering the newest “4K” technology. It will produce a first LIVE Ultra-High Definition broadcast in partnership with EUROVISION, I-MOVIX, SKY Italia, Grass Valley, Fujifilm and ONE Technology during the next edition of the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. The “MotoGP 4K Live Showcase” that will be fed Live to the Amsterdam audiences will be from the first day of action at the San Marino Grand Prix.

The MotoGP 4K Live Showcase will consist of a broadcast running from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., featuring live footage from pit lane and paddock cameras and recorded HighSpeed footage. The HighSpeed footage is captured using I-MOVIX X10 UHD System in 4K high speed modes at 500, 750 and 1,000 fps, and in 4K 2x super slow motion.

The X10 UHD is the industry¹s first 4K ultra-slow motion system to support both continuous super slow motion (SSM) and ultra slow motion (USM) at frame rates of up to 1000fps – a feature used for the first time ever in Live Sports coverage during the MotoGP German round at the Sachsenring in July.

Dorna Sports relies on Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, 4K workflow solution to manage the footage. EUROVISION will ensure the transport of the MotoGP 4K Live Showcase. SKY Italia will also be co-operating with Dorna Sports in Misano by deploying a dedicated infrastructure on-site and by treating the signal.

It will receive the 4K broadcast at their facilities in Milan from EUROVISION’s feeds and route it to a hybrid compression system to be re-encoded using HEVC technology and broadcast the 4K signal on one of their transponders.

Dorna Sports is the exclusive commercial and television rights holder for the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship and produces high-quality broadcast live TV coverage from all Grands Prix in-house for its television partners.