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BMW Motorcycles of the Century: Guide to Models 1923-2000

BMW Motorcycles of the Century Book Review

If you have a fondness for older BMW motorcycles, or, more importantly, you are considering the purchase of a pre-2000 model, the new book “BMW Motorcycles of the Century: Guide to Models 1923-2000” may come in handy.

The authors, BMW esperti Claudio Somazzi and Massimo Bonsignori, have crafted an attractive 270-page coffee table-worthy, English language follow-up to their “BMW Passione d’altri tempi,” which was published over a decade ago for the Italian market.

Contained within is much history, many beautiful photographs, and a chronological listing of, near as I can tell, all models from 1923 up until 2000.

Somazzi and Bonsignori have tapped into their own and many other archives to assemble the contents – and it is obviously a labor of love.

Of special interest is that the authors describe each motorcycle, give their insight as to why the model may be an eligible collectible, major specifications, production year ranges, serial number ranges, number of units manufactured, spare parts availability, a value scale and a price estimate.

Many entries include a section entitled “Collector’s Corner,” where relative collectible merits and demerits are discussed and worthiness analyzed.

If you are considering the acquisition of a pre-2000 BMW, this volume may help you determine where to focus your energies in the face of so many great prospects.