Don’t Tell Mama I’ve Gone to Mongolia by Motorcycle | Video

Mongol Rally Motorcycle Video

In 2011, Ricardu Fite piloted a 1982 Yamaha SR 250 in the Mongol Rally.

The Spaniard rode from Barcelona to the Czech Republic, where the Mongol Rally begins. From there, Fite rode to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia where the rally ends.

The rally benefits the children of Ulan Bator; participants donate the bike they ride, and offer additional money to charities that benefit the kids.

Fite says he resurrected a crashed SR 250 for the rally, and had little sponsors. But everything worked out, and he finished the trip in two months. During that time he rode from Barcelona through places like Praga (Poland), Warsaw (capital of Poland), Kiev (Capital of Ukraine, Volgograd (Russia), Samarkanda (Uzbekistan), Altai Mounts (Asia's famous mountain range), and finally Ulan Bator. The total miles for the trip was around 7,000 miles.

During the journey, Fite recorded much of the journey with an iPhone 3 and compact camera worth around $150. Following his trip, Ricardu and his brother Menna made the attached documentary, titled "Don't Tell Mama I've Gone to Mongolia by Motorcycle."

We enjoyed the film, and had to share; it shows that passion that can only surface in the world of motorcycling.

Ricardu Fite aboard his Yamaha SR 250 during the Mongolia Rally
Ricardu Fite aboard his Yamaha SR 250 during the Mongolia Rally


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