Chip Foose Designs Metalsport’s New ‘Outkast’ Motorcycle Wheel

Chip Foose Designs Metalsport's New 'Outkast' Motorcycle WheelCustom Motorcycle Wheels

Being design pioneers, Metalsport, Inc. always has a variety of new wheel designs and products on the drawing board getting perfected by the likes of Matt Hotch and Chip Foose.

Here’s the latest wheel that was designed by Chip Foose for Metalsport, Inc….it’s one of six different Foose designs called the Outkast.

Many of the world’s most respected motorcycle builders choose Metalsport, Inc., wheels for their bikes, including Matt Hotch, Shannon Davidson, Eddie Trotta, Donnie Smith, Dave Perewitz, Jim Nasi and custom car extrodanaire Chip Foose, to name a few.

Available in show quality luxurious chrome or black anodized with machined in contrasting designs and three different dimensions, 2-D, 2-D w/3-D Cut and Full Profile 3-D.

Metalsport, Inc. has a complete inventory of 26″ and 30″ wheels in various styles and finishes, including the new Outkast. Metalsport also has Vee Rubber Tires in stock in 26″ and 30″ sizes for the front and 310 and 360mm wide for the rear, as well as a variety of other sizes. Metalsport, Inc. offers wheel sizes to match all 25 of VEE Rubber tire sizes.

For more information on Metalsport, Inc., call them at 562-776-9594, email info@metalsportwheels or check them out online at