Zerust Motorcycle Cover Review | Rust- and Mold-Free Storage

Zerust Motorcycle Cover Test

Ugh – winter is upon us once again. This means storing our motorcycles while the grounds get covered with snow and the cold sets in.

Part of properly storing motorcycles for winter is using a cover. Many exist, but few provide the latest in technology to help preserve our bikes from rust.

Enter Zerust Corrosion Protection Products. This Ohio-based company has created the Zerust Motorcycle Cover. It’s a dream shelter for protecting any motorcycle, from exotic sportbikes to cruisers loaded with top-dollar chrome.

The Zerust cover is not simply a breathable dust cover; it seals your entire bike into a cocoon that battles humidity in the air, preventing rust and mold.

This is the second year I’ll be using the Zerust cover when storing my Ducati 1198. Last year, following proper preparation such as making sure the Duc was clean, cool and dry, I sealed the bike away for four months.

The only time I unzipped the cover was to rotate each tire once every month to prevent flat spots. Besides that, the bike remained in the corner of an unheated garage that constantly underwent temperature changes from pulling the car in and out.

And when spring arrived, the 1198 rolled out of its Zerust cocoon in the exact condition as stored; there was not one speck of corrosion on any metal part, from the chain to fairing bolts.  While storing the bike, I also placed a few untreated metal pieces in there, and some outside of the cover, such as a few longer bolts I sanded to the pure metal. The ones inside remained unchanged; the ones outside the cover were completely corroded.

The secret behind Zerust’s corrosion protection is within the “Xfilm” liner. Zerust says “this patented rust inhibitor releases a harmless vapor that protects metal from the harmful effects of moisture and impurities in the air.” The non-toxic and odorless inhibitor, which evaporates once the cover is open, protects steel, aluminum, brass, iron, copper, nickel and silver.

And as for longevity, this Xfilm inhibitor will last for five years from first use (not from manufacturing date). To keep the Xfilm inhibitor fresh, make sure the cover is fully zipped when storing it.

As stated, the Zerust cover acts as a cocoon, fully encasing the motorcycle. This also keeps out varmints that always seem to find away into the exhaust. The cover is built from waterproof materials, but is not 100-percent waterproof due to the construction of the zippers. With that said, this cover will provide the most optimal results in enclosed areas such as garages. But if storing the bike outside, I’d simply encase the Zerust-cocooned motorcycle in a tarp to keep water out.

The covers start at $105 unlined and $145 lined for the small size (small: 135″ x 70″, sportbike size; large, 145″ x 70″, touring cruiser ); we recommend the lined covers, which feature a soft material that will prevent any scratching to paint and chrome.

Also, the cover’s design allows motorcycles with center stands to be stored on the stands. This is great for keeping the suspension unloaded (recommended for long storage) and the tires from creating flat spots (no rotation needed). Our budget-build Honda VFR800 also fits in the small-sized Zerust cover while utilizing the center stand and a front stand. This allows for the most optimal storing method – both tires off the ground, suspension unloaded, and the bike fully sealed from corroding elements.

For additional information,  log onto Zerust’s website.

Photos courtesy of Zerust