Akrapovic Releases Slip-On Line Exhaust for Harley Sportster

Akrapovic Releases Slip-On Line Exhaust for Harley SportsterHarley-Davidson Slip-On Line Exhaust

Akrapovic has once again redefined the levels of quality and performance for replacement mufflers with the latest Slip-on Line exhaust system for Harley-Davidson Sportster models.

The latest innovation in Akrapovic Slip-On Line mufflers is an alternative to the present Akrapovic Sportster system and features a new muffler design. This new system will be available in traditional brilliant chromium plating and an incredibly tough black finish.

The quality of the latest chromed stainless steel mufflers meets all stringent Akrapovic standards, while the black units are finished in a special coating first introduced in 2012 to much acclaim.

The black coating is silicone-based with epoxy, acrylic and polyester stabilizers, combined with appropriate hardeners in order to achieve desired coating stability.

This coating is then cured at 200-230°C and is resistant to color and gloss fade for over 500hrs at temperatures up to 350°C – and stable even up to 550°C.

As with all Akrapovic products, durability and ease of fit of the new silencers are second to none and accompanied with a deep, resonant exhaust tone that is the unmistakable sound of Akrapovic. Reduced weight and increase in power and torque aid performance.

Key features of this new model are:

  • stainless steel construction for resistance to corrosion and oxidisation
  • new muffler shape to give customers an alternative and unique look
  • matching header pipe shields
  • available in hard chromed plating or Akrapovic black finish
  • optional remote switch-operated tone control valve
  • EC-Type approval when used with optional catalytic converter
  • increased throttle response
  • max power/torque gain
  • weight reduction

For additional information, visit Akrapovic.com.