2014 Honda Grom | Quick Look

2014 Honda Grom
2014 Honda Grom
2014 Honda Grom

2014 Honda Grom

The Urban Dictionary tells us that a “grom” is a youngster skilled in action sports—usually surfing or skateboarding.

The Honda Grom is just the sort of motorcycle that would appeal to that demographic, as well as to seasoned riders who want a handy motorcycle that looks to offer a seemingly unlimited amount of fun.

With a slightly undersquare fuel- injected 125cc motor, the Grom takes you around town on 12-inch wheels with inverted forks and a single rear shock.

The seat height isn’t unusually low, so the ergonomics are workable for an adult. A claimed curb weight of 225 pounds means you can toss the Honda Grom around with abandon, and disc brakes will slow you down when you get a bit too exuberant.

2014 Honda Grom Quick Stats:

  • ENGINE TYPE: SOHC single
  • BORE X STROKE: 52.4mm x 57.9mm
  • TRANSMISSION: 4-speed
  • WHEELBASE: 47.4 inches
  • RAKE: 25 degrees
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 29.7 inches
  • CURB WEIGHT: 225 pounds
  • PRICE: $2999

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