Serengeti Assisi Eyewear | QuickShift Review

2012-serengeti-assisi-eyewear-quickshift-reviewSunglasses for Motorcyclists

When wearing a half-helmet such as the Bell Drifter DLX (shown) – even with its integrated dropdown visor – eye protection is essential.

Part of Serengeti Eyewear’s Sport Collection, the featherweight Assisi sunglasses are perfect for riders demanding comfort. The flexible nylon frame interfaces well with any helmet, as the flush hinge blends in smoothly to avoid conflicts. The light frames are also comfortable on the nose.

A large part of the success of Assisi sunglasses is the Polar PhD lens. Tapping both polarization and photochromatic technologies, the view through the lenses is pleasing. Reflections are minimized, and the sky is appealingly darkened. Made of Trivex, the Polar PhD lens is claimed to be 10-percent lighter than polycarbonate, while also being more impact resistant.

When we were out riding, the Serengeti Assisi eyewear received some hard use, so the company’s claim of a double-sided hard coat technology on the lenses appears to have merit. Stylish, durable, and effective, the Assisi sunglasses work.

The Serengeti Assisi sunglasses start at $169.99. For additional information, click here.