2012 BMW GS Trophy, Day 4 | Germany Extends Lead


2012 BMW GS Trophy Day 4 Results

Following the “marathon stage” on Wednesday, the 2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy competitors consisting of 15 nations had an “easier day” on Thursday.

Though the men and their motorcycles were supposed to ease through the transitioning day four, two riders were injured in crashes during the enduro special tests. There were also minor crashes occured on the way up to the Ventisquero Negro (Black Glacier) on Mount Cerro Tronador, Argentina. Fortunately, no riders were injured in these crashes.

Through it all Team Germany remained focused on defending their lead, which they managed – in fact they slightly extended it.

The day started with an enduro test – the riders completing a two-hour 20-lap test of technique and endurance around a motocross course. Despite the very dusty conditions this event ran successfully with all teams completing the test and all the BMW F 800 GSs coming away completely unfazed despite the extreme nature of the riding.

Unfortunately Team Canada’s Marc-André Octeau crashed just four laps from the end. Marc-André was immediately attended by the GS Trophy doctors before being transferred to the hospital in Bariloche where he is confirmed as comfortable. He sadly won’t be able to continue in the event and his place in Team Canada is taken by the team journalist, Lawrence Hacking, in accordance with the GS Trophy rules (Lawrence in fact stepped in immediately to complete Marc-André’s 20 laps).

Wilfried Schmidtmayr of Team Alps also crashed out of the enduro test, withdrawing from the rest of the day as a consequence, but is looking to return to the competition tomorrow.

The second half of the day saw the GS Trophy riders ride the gravel switch back that lead to the impressive Ventisquero Negro before completing a technical test in the late afternoon – solving a simulated electrical failure and then completing a swap of the batteries of two of the team’s bikes.

The day was won by Team Argentina elevating them to second in the standings over Team France, while Team Germany have extended their lead in the competition to nine points.

Tobi Weiser (Team Germany) says: “We’re very happy to have maintained the lead. My team-mates Ali Métayer and Thomas Donnecker are very good riders and we kept to a steady and safe ride of the enduro test, although Ali’s laps were not slow! The technical test was perfect for us, having two mechanics in the team. It was another enjoyable day’s riding as well, it’s great scenery here in the mountains.”

Meet my Country

The GS Trophy riders made their own entertainment tonight with an evening of presentations themed on their home countries. The highly entertaining mini-shows were certainly varied; Team Japan chose to sing a national folk song, Team Alps also sang – a vocal harmonization of a Viennese waltz while instructing on the footwork necessary, likewise Team Argentina demonstrated the Argentinian Tango.

Even more off-the-wall, Team UK performed a Monty Python inspired sketch while Team Italy ran through a comprehensive demonstration of Italian hand gestures and their meanings. As the South Africans suggested, this was an evening that was very ‘lekker’.

2012 BMW GS Trophy Overall Standings after Four Days:

1. Germany 152 pts

2. Argentina 143

3. France 141

4. Italy 137

5. Canada 131

6. Alps 129

7. USA 119

8. UK 118

9. CEEU 115

=10. South Africa 111

=10. Latin America 111

12. Brazil 81

13. Russia 78

14. Spain 76

15. Japan 64