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Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

Many summer riders resist using a helmet because it heats up their heads. Use of a properly vented helmet makes a difference, certainly, and a new product from England enhances the effectiveness of the airflow over your scalp.

Although not a complicated product, Ahead Solutions UK's Airhead Helmet Cool Spray does work by using simple, reliable materials in an innovative way.

Ahead Solutions mixes alcohol, menthol and camphor spirits with water, puts it in a small, portable spray bottle so you can easily apply the contents to your scalp and rub it in.

You can feel the menthol and camphor spirits immediately, and when you add rushing air, the cooling effect is pronounced. It doesn't last forever (reapply at every rest stop) and the less hair you have the better, but if you have a hot head, Airhead Helmet Cool Spray can help you stay chill.

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray retails for around $15. For additional information, click here.


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