EVS Sports NYC Gloves | QuickShift Review

Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

During the summer, it's nice to have soft feeling mesh gloves that still provide some measure of protection for those local jaunts, and the NYC model from EVS Sports fits the bill nicely.

Constructed of a super-comfortable leather and mesh combination, the leather palm provides good feel on the throttle. The padded lower palm area, molded finger pads, and the carbon-fiber knuckle give some impact protection. Although clearly not for track day use, nevertheless the NYCs make for an easy choice for short hops.

The NYCs are quality made with Lycra gussets and stretch accordion panels, and easy-pull tabs make it simple to get the gloves on and off. The Neoprene cuffs fit snugly around the wrist and therefore under the sleeves of your jacket; this allows for a nice, cooling air draft up your arms.

The EVS Sports NYC motorcycle gloves list for around $55. For additional information, log onto EVS Sports.


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