Ra Vision Gear Sunglasses for Motorcyclists

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Designed to be worn with motorcycle helmets, Ra Vision Gear’s featherweight rimless sunglasses use a flexible titanium frame with an aircraft wing-styled truss design for resilience and strength.

The lenses are made of Trivex, a material more scratch resistant than plastic lenses, making these glasses nearly indestructible.

Deliberately non-polarized – this can interfere with gauges, visors and windshields – the distortion-free lenses protect against UVA and UVB rays, while wrapping protectively around your peripheral vision.

The Ra Vision wire-thin tips can easily glide into some helmets, though your mileage will vary. My Arai RX-Q’s padding sometimes catches the ends of the temples, but I have no such problem with my AGV K-3. If they don’t fit your helmet, Ra Vision offers a full money back guarantee.
I am very picky about my sunglasses, and Ra Vision Gear rocks!

Ra Vision Gear Sunglasses retail for $229, and arrive with either brown or black lenses. For additional information, log onto Ra Vision Gear’s website.