Kushitani GPR 6 Gloves | QuickShift Review

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Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

Kushitani brings its legendary quality and high technology to the company's new GPR 6 motorcycle gloves. By analyzing the complexities of the hand's bone structure, ligaments and muscle groups, Kushitani is able to give maximum protection without compromising feel or freedom of movement.

Stretch panels allow a perfect fit, and help the gloves flex easily. Cowhide is used on top for durability, and kangaroo on the palm for strength and light weight.

Zylon protection on the ring and pinky fingers gives more freedom of movement (though they are not joined), while five layers of protection include two layers of K-foam and a separated gel pad across the knuckles.

The GPR 6 gloves are highly technical pieces of protection and immediately comfortable. If you're riding a superbike and you need delicate feel at the throttle, the Kushitani GPR 6 gloves require serious consideration.

The Kushitani retail for $310, and are available in black, blue, red or a limited-edition white mesh.

For additional information, log onto Kushitani's website.


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