2012 Germany ISDE | Day 6 Video Highlights


2012 International Six Day Enduro

The 2012 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) held in Saxony, Germany, wrapped up Saturday with France taking all three major titles – the FIM World Trophy, the FIM Junior World Trophy and the FIM Women’s World Trophy.

Joining France on the World Trophy podium in the 87th edition of the ISDE was Australia and Italy, respectively. As for Team USA, it finished fourth overall after a nice rally on the final day.

Team USA’s Mike Brown wins the Final E1 moto overall, and the rest of the USA World Trophy Team performed well enough to move up from seventh to fourth place on the final day, passing both Finland [2011 champs] and Spain.

The Junior Trophy Team places third which is excellent for an inexperienced team. Jeff Fredette adds finish 32 to his string of ISDE runs. Fred Hoess collects another gold medal as the American with the most gold medals.

Besides the conclusion of the ISDE, Day 6 traditionally features one special test. The 2012 course is a super moto style using portions of the paved Saxonring road race circuit combined with off-road supercross style sections. The riders are broken up into motos by bike class and event ranking. The action was fast and exciting.

Attached above are video highlights of day six of the 2012 ISDE.


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