Hayden & Rosso on Ducati Diesel Monster (Video)

2012-hayden-and-rosso-on-ducati-diesel-monster-video (1)

Ducati Diesel Monster 1100 EVO

This past March, two Italian icons – Ducati in the motorcycle industry, Diesel in the fashion industry – collaborated together, producing the Monster Diesel.

This Monster Diesel, which the clothing company referred to as an “urban military chic interpretation of Ducati’s iconic naked motorcycle,” was designed to help launch Diesel’s Capsule Collection.

Speaking of this Capsule Collection, Ducati says “composed of eleven different styles, the range includes essential slim-fitting biker jackets, sweats, tees, a unique five pocket in raw denim and a set of accessories.”

And this week, Ducati released the attached video with 2006 MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden and Stefano Rosso, son of Diesel Founder, piloted the Monster Diesel 1100EVO motorcycles around Italy.

For further details on the Ducati Diesel Monster 1100 EVO, click here.


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