Alien Motion Lithium-Iron Battery | Details

Alien Motion Lithium-Iron AM8 and Balance Charger AM1

Boasting the lowest dollar-to-weight ratio of any lithium-iron motorcycle battery and charger pairing, Alien Motion’s powerful AM8/AM1 duo is the undisputed lightweight champion of the world.

Incredibly, this battery and charger set is priced up to 49% less than such combinations from competitors and, when purchased without a charger, similar lithium-iron batteries cost up to $136 more than the AM8.

Along with a light price, the AM8 weighs in at just 29 ounces, which is 7 to 9 lbs. lighter than conventional batteries. This Alien’s reduced mass fosters more responsive handling in quick-steering transitions than old-school, lead-based products.

While its cost and weight are low, the AM8 battery packs high-end technology. It’s built from eight durable cells powered by the latest LiFePO4 lithium-iron cathode chemistry, which packs three times the energy density of lead-acid cells and has a much faster charge rate. The Alien battery generates 250+ amps of high-current cranking juice for a 5-second pulse that easily starts most engines up to 1000cc.

With the AM8’s 4.4 amp hours of storage capacity and LiFePO4’s low rate of discharge, this energy is available throughout the riding season and doesn’t quickly waste away when a bike is not in use.

Harnessing this power is an impact-resistant ABS case that’s half the size of most stock lead-acid batteries. Its enclosure may be red, but the AM8 is green. Constructed without lead or other harmful materials, it’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly and even recyclable. The case has standard positive and negative brass terminals on top and a 5-pin port for a quick-release connection with Alien Motion chargers.

Unlike other lithium-iron batteries, installation of the AM8 is simple because its small footprint is enlarged to standard size when inserted into the high-density, closed-cell foam pod Alien Motion supplies. This waterjet-cut, fuel-resistant outer case drops in most battery boxes with a perfect fit that reduces harmful movement and vibration.

Another benefit over conventional batteries is the AM8’s multi-directional mounting possibilities. Its electrolyte material is in paste form, so there’s no liquid to spill or escape. Orientation doesn’t affect the battery’s function, whether it’s mounted vertically, horizontally, sideways or flipped upside down.

Complementing the AM8 is Alien Motion’s AM1 balance charger, which balances the charge in each cell while fully powering it up. The balancing process transfers energy to or from individual cells until their state of charge is equal. Even power across each cell helps prevent overcharging or over-discharging and increases the battery’s lifespan. Also, protecting batteries from being overcharged, it stops supplying juice when charging and balancing are complete. The AM1 weighs just 4 ounces, cranks out up to 14.4 volts and is engineered to most efficiently work with LiFePO4 chemistry.

Designed, configured, assembled and tested in the USA by Alien Motion, the company’s entire line of lithium-iron batteries comes backed by a 180-day warranty. Proven in the toughest conditions, they’re used in AMA and WERA motorcycle roadracing, Dakar off-road rally competition and the SCCA’s sports car series.

This $143 combination ships for free in the continental United States. Individually, an AM8 battery retails for $109.99; the balance charger just $32.99.

For more information about Alien Motion’s line of batteries and related products, please go to, call 323-377-8032, or visit its Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter postings.