Schuberth S2: Hi-Viz or Graphics Offered

Schuberth S2 Motorcycle Helmet

The S2 full face helmet, the latest in Schuberth's aerodynamic, aeroacoustic motorcycle helmet collection, will now be offered in Hi-Viz Yellow and the classic-look "Lines" graphic.

Randy Northrup (Schuberth North America's General Manager) says: "Response to S2 has been outstanding and we've received requests for Hi-Viz and graphics. We know this is important to our customers and are proud to offer the premium full-face helmet in color and graphics options to match their gear or bikes."

The S2 is not just another high-end full face helmet with integrated sun visor.
It is the world's first motorcycle helmet with an internal Dual Antenna which will enhance the reception of the Bluetooth Schuberth Rider Communication System.

The extraordinarily light and quiet S2 also features a backspoiler which is molded into the shell to reduce drag, and a full-circumference "trim spoiler" around the base of the helmet which also reduces drag and keeps air from flowing under the helmet creating noise. The internal sun visor, luxurious Thermo Cool liner and the advanced Air Extraction System make the S2 an unrivaled all-around helmet.

In addition to the unique new features, the S2 naturally includes Schuberth's patented Anti Roll Off System (AROS), the "turbulators" on the face shield to eliminate wind noise and a shell made from Schuberth's proprietary light-weight S.T.R.O.N.G. woven glass fiber material. The sporty helmet is produced using 2 shell sizes offering optimal fit throughout the size range, and is much more compact and aerodynamic than its predecessor, the S1, which was discontinued in 2006.

An updated Schuberth Rider Communication System, the SRCS-2, is being developed specifically for use with the S2 and will be available later this month. The SRCS-2, an optional Bluetooth® communication system which is fully integrated in an easy-to-install replacement neck collar, enables users to wirelessly connect to passengers or other riders, navigation system, cellular phone, mp3 player and to receive FM radio. The internal antenna which comes standard in the S2 offers enhanced radio reception and intercom range up to ½ mile for the SRCS-2. The SRCS-2 is literally a 'snap' to install and is fully functional after initial charging.

Look for the Schuberth S2 at select Schuberth dealers, or check the S2 website for more information.


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