Ortlieb Hip Pack 2 | QuickShift Review


Ultimate MotorCycling QuickShift Review

Saddlebags, tank bags, and pockets are great for carrying cargo, though sometimes an alternative method is needed to accomplish the task at hand.

The Ortlieb Hip Pack 2, distributed to motorcyclists via Roadcrafter, adds impromptu storage on the rider when other options are not available.

The main compartment of the Hip Pack 2 (inside the green material) is waterproof, making it perfect for adventure riders. While it won't keep the contents dry if you fall in a river, rain will not enter while riding. The top folds over and is secured by two clips, and there is a pad between the container and your back for comfort.

A water bottle can be added to either side and securely attached, along with an exterior non-waterproof zippered pocket (behind the logo above) for frequently accessed items, such as your wallet or a map.

We took the Ortlieb Hip Pack 2 on extreme dual sport rides and it proved to be both waterproof and durable.

Ortlieb Hip Pack 2

  • Colors: Slate/Grey; Green/Grey
  • MSRP: $119

For additional information, log onto aerostich.com.


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