Yamaha Champions Announces 2nd Women’s School


2012 Yamaha Champions Riding School

Based on overwhelming positive feedback, the Yamaha Champions Riding School has scheduled its second annual Women’s School for September 13-14, 2012 at its home base, Miller Motorsports Park.

The inaugural Women’s School was held last year, with a curriculum that was specifically tailored to meet female riders’ needs. In addition to the classroom and track time with individualized instruction for which the school is renowned, the training also included a garage session that covered basic motorcycle issues such as loading and unloading, changing wheels, chain lubrication, oil changes and other routine maintenance items.

Nick Ienatsch (Lead Instructor) says: “When we announced the inaugural Women’s School last year, we knew it was going to be popular, but it turned out to be even more popular than we thought! The positive feedback from our students was so strong, we knew this was going to have to be an annual event. So we’re bringing it back this year, with a couple of little tweaks to make it even better, and we’re looking forward to hosting the ladies again for two fun- and information-filled days.”

Research conducted with women who have attended the school indicated they were initially tentative to come to a motorcycle riding school for several reasons: nervous about too much ego in the room; worried that they wouldn’t fit in; worried that they would be too slow, too new or too tentative.

Ienatsch, along with fellow instructors Ken Hill, Shane Turpin, Dale Kieffer, Mark Schellinger and former World Superbike Champion Scott “Mr. Daytona” Russell, developed the Women’s School program to ensure that no such trepidation is necessary. The individualized instruction, in-depth tutoring in the classroom and on track, video replays and special garage session is designed to make any female rider comfortable, regardless of their level of experience, and to help everyone achieve their individual goals.

There will be 18 spots available, and another 20 “audit-only” spots for women who want to attend the classroom sessions, watch the videos and learn more about high-performance motorcycle riding without actually getting on the track.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School’s second annual women-only class will be fun, in a non-intimidating environment, for riders of all levels who want to take the next step in their riding. Interested students should sign up soon, before all the available spots are reserved.

For reserve your spot or to get more information about the Yamaha Champions Riding School, go to MillerMotorsportsPark.com or call 435.27.SPEED (277-7333).