72 Hours with Empire | Sportbike Freestyle Film (Video)

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Freestyle Sportbike

In 72 Hours with Empire, the Empire Freestyle Sportbike team produces sheer mayhem.

For the film, the team, consisting of Nick “Apex” Brocha, Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil, and Shin “Shinja” Kinoshita, ripped up some unique Southwestern areas, including military bases, mountain roads, Las Vegas rooftops and the Monster Energy Warehouse.

Speaking of the film, Monster Energy says “the video premise was simple: Empire wanted to pack as much mayhem into a 72 hour period as possible.

72 Hours with Empire was filmed in 300fps HD and features a talented supporting cast. Monster Energy says the video’s goal is to provide 10 minutes of audio/visual entertainment and redefine what a sportbike freestyle video can entail.


  • Empire Freestyle @freestyleempire
  • Nick “Apex” Brocha @nickapex
  • Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil @ernie_vigil
  • Shin “Shinja” Kinoshita @shinkinoshita

Directed by:

  • Christopher Fisher, 1000 Mile Films


  • Tommy “Tiny” Lister
  • Stephane Fiossanangaye
  • Celine Franco
  • Kristen Haines


  • Nick – Triumph Street Triple & Triumph Speed Triple drift bike
  • Ernie – Triumph Street Triple & Triumph Speed Triple drift bike
  • Shin – Kawasaki ZX-636