BikeMaster Releases Portable Air Compressor

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BikeMaster Mini Portable Air Compressor

There is nothing more inconvenient than a tire that’s low on air, or fixing a flat in the middle of no where. But BikeMaster has a convenient solution – the Mini Portable Air Compressor.

The new compressor not only allows you to inflate your tires or check air pressure, it also arrives with a built-in L.E.D. Flashlight.

Compatible with any 12V power supply, the BikeMaster Mini Portable Air Compressor uses 10 amp max current consumption and 140 watt power. The compressor has the ability to inflate to 101psi at a 25 liter/6.6 gallons per minute output. The hose extends 33″ and the power cord is 9.5 feet long, and the storage bag included. MSRP: $35.95.

To order BikeMaster products, contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer. For assistance locating a dealer call customer service at 877-848-1320 or visit and click on the dealer locator tab. Also, to stay up to day on BikeMaster, like the company’s Facebook page at