Sardegna Rally, Day 2: Coma Second

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2012 FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship: Sardegna Rally

Following two stages in the second stage of the Sardinia Rally, round three of the 2012 FIM Cross Country Rallies, MRW Repsol KTM’s Marc Coma is second overall, 05:29 minutes behind the leader Jordi Viladoms (KTM).

It was a difficult second phase for Coma due to small navigational mistake which cost him over a minute, placing him in sixth after the 122-kilometer open. And during the second phase on Monday (Special 4), Coma made a mistake at the checkpoint, losing a further 03:30 minutes.

Coma will hope to make up much time on during the third stage Tuesday, the Spaniard looking to win his sixth Sardegna Rally.

Marc Coma (MRW Repsol KTM 450 EXC-F) says: “Today didn’t go too well for us. We still have sandy, dry trails and a lot of stones on the route, combined with some technical sections in Woodland. On the opening special stage I had a navigation problem, but it was nothing important and I am happy with how things went in that respect. In the second, shorter stage, I made a mistake that cost me a lot of minutes.

“Navigation is always difficult here, but I am having more trouble than in other years. I don’t feel comfortable and don’t trust my roadbook 100%. Sometimes what is written there makes no sense. In general we are going well, because we are still second despite all the things that went wrong. There are three days and a lot of work to go, so a lot can happen.”

On Tuesday, the Sardegna Rally reaches its half-way point with the third stage that starts in Sa Itrai and finishes in Arbatax; the riders will participate in to special stages, 70km and 60km in length.

2012 Sardegna Rally Stage Two Special Results:

Special 3 – 122 km:

1. J. Viladoms 2:15:56

2. P. Gonçalves +00:01:13

3. H. Rodrigues +00:01:24

4. P. Ceci +00:01:30

5. J. Barreda +00:01:32

6. M. Coma +00:01:37

23. J. Pedrero +00:12:50

Special 4 – 43 km:

1. P. Ceci 00:51:25

2. H. Rodrigues +00:00:26

3. J. Viladoms +00:00:44

4. J. Pedrero +00:00:44

5. A. Maggi +00:00:52

6. P. Gonçalves +00:01:03

21. M. Coma +00:04:18

Overall classification (following two of five stages):

1. J. Viladoms 5:59:10

2. M. Coma +00:05:29

3. A. Botturi +00:06:01

4. H. Rodrigues +00:06:10

5. G. Farrés +00:06:45

6. P. Gonçalves +00:09:30

10. J. Pedrero +00:14:20