North West 200: McGuinness Takes 6th Win


2012 North West 200

This past Saturday, Honda TT Legends rider John McGuinness was once again in the winners circle at the North West 200.

The Morecambe native was victorious in the first Superbike race, bringing his North West 200 wins to six, and third in the second Superbike race.

During the first SBK race at the 8.9-mile triangle circuit, McGuinness got off the to a great start ahead of the man on the pole, Suzuki’s Alastair Seeley.By the end of lap one Seeley had regained a slight advantage, but under increased pressure from a determined McGuinness, he made a mistake that cost him several places.

With a clear road ahead and a comfortable lead, McGuinness put in a flawless performance to hold the top spot for the remainder of the six-lap race claiming his sixth North West 200 win. Seeley would finish second, with Honda’s Cameron Donald in third.

The second Superbike battle was the sixth and final race of the day for John McGuinness, who also took part in the Supersport and Superstock classes with Padgetts Honda. He had another strong start and held on to second place until lap four when he was overtaken by Kawasaki’s Michael Rutter. McGuinness eventually crossed the line in third to secure his second Superbike podium, behind Rutter in second and Seeley in first.

John McGuinness (Honda TT Legends CBR1000RR) says: “I was fairly confident we could go well in the races today after qualifying on the front row. I went in with a good attitude, just wanting to get stuck in and go as hard as I could to keep Alastair under pressure.

“In race one that happened and he made a mistake and in race two I was with him all the time but I couldn’t quite get there. Rutter got passed me too, but to be honest you’ve got two guys there doing BSB week in, week out so I’m happy to be on the podium. A win and a third is great for the team. We’re here in the iconic Honda colors and the bike has not let us down so I’m well happy with that.”

2012 North West 200 Results: Superbike Race 1:

1. John McGuinness (Honda) 119.883 mph

2. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki) 119.571 mph

3. Cameron Donald (Honda) 118.994 mph

4. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 118.936 mph

5. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 118.856 mph

6. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 118.752 mph

7. Conor Cummins (Suzuki) 118.447 mph

8. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 118.372 mph

9. Simon Andrews (Honda) 118.165 mph

10. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 117.945 mph

2012 North West 200 Results: Superbike Race 2:

1. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki) 121.352 mph

2. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 121.235 mph

3. John McGuinness (Honda) 121.106 mph

4. Simon Andrews (Honda) 119.868 mph

5. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 118.310 mph

6. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 117.718 mph

7. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 117.657 mph

8. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 116.651 mph

9. Stephen Thompson (Kawasaki) 116.567 mph

10. Brian McCormack (Honda) 115.238 mph