Rider Insurance Promotes Motorcycle Awareness Month

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2012 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Rider Insurance is joining with federal, state and local highway safety, law enforcement and motorcycle organizations in proclaiming May as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.”

By increasing education and awareness of the importance of safe riding and the need for mutual respect for all motorcyclists and motorists, we can continue in our efforts to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on the highways and back roads nationwide.

With motorcycles fatalities on the rise, it is important to remember that motorcyclists are more vulnerable than those in other types of vehicles. Motorists should always look for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic and at intersections and avoid distractions such as texting.

It is just as important that riders be visible to other motorists and obtain proper training and licensing, wear the appropriate protective gear, and always respect the rules of the road.

In recognition and support of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Rider Insurance will be running daily promotions of Facebook during the month of May, including hundreds of dollars a day in motorcycle safety apparel and motorcycle training courses.

The promotion will kick off at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 1, and everyone who “likes” Rider Insurance’s page on Facebook is eligible to participate.

Details can be found on the Rider Insurance website, rider.com, and on the Rider Insurance Facebook page.

Rider will continue to have “Watch for Motorcycles” decals and reflective helmet stickers available at the Rider booth at various motorcycle events and motorcycle dealerships events throughout DE, IN, MD, NJ, OH, PA, and WV free of charge.

For event locations, go to rider.com/motorcycle_community/motorcycle-events.html.

In addition to direct promotions, Rider will continue to support other individuals and organizations in their efforts to promote safety awareness through the Rider Insurance Bleiwise Family Foundation and general corporate donations and sponsorships throughout the riding season. If you are planning a motorcycle safety awareness event, please contact events@rider.com.

For more information on Rider Insurance or to get a quick quote, call 800-595-6393 or visit rider.com.