USA Pro Supermoto Lands TV Package

2012 USA Pro Supermoto

With the return of pro supermoto racing to the United States coming up in June, the organizers of the series have been hard at work developing the series into what supermoto should be; the greatest form of motorsports,

Driving home that point, USA Pro Supermoto has secured a large national television package.

Television is important to all involved in motorsports; exposing the racers, the sponsors, the racing and the excitement to fans across the country is a key element. USA Pro Supermoto has taken it even further with its new television package.

Each of the six-race weekends will be aired on three television networks, MavTV, Tuff TV and Untamed TV. MavTV represents national exposure while Tuff and Untamed offer digital cable coverage in select markets across the country.

Dennis Anderson (Founder of USA Pro Supermoto) says: "We are very thrilled and excited to have our all new Pro Supermoto series be a part of the ever expanding, and perfectly matched for our sport, MAVTV programming. We love all that MAVTV represents and the flexibility and exposure that they will provide for our sport and sponsors!"

A total of 12 unique episodes will be shown on each of the three networks, they will be 30 minutes in length and each will air a number of times on each network. Each race weekend will be featured in two episodes. Each episode will include racing action and a look into the life of supermoto racing.

USA Pro Supermoto will also be airing the races on-line through a number of resources and channels. These races will be on-line within 24 hours of the race taking place. This gives the fans an immediate supermoto fix and keeps them up to speed with the racing action.
2012 and the future of supermoto looks very bright for all of us in North America.

For more information and to see what the USA Pro Supermoto series is up to check out


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