Triumph Tiger ‘Seeking Explorers’ Video

2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer Video

Late last year, Triumph selected 12 riders for its "Seeking Explorers" trip with motorcycle-travel company Edelweiss.

The trip, which occurred last month, took the riders on a 12-day trip aboard 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer adventure motorcycles, the 1215cc machine that pushes 135 horsepower even reaches showroom floors.

The "Seeking Explorers" trip began in southern Spain, and took riders across the Mediterranean to Morocco for a ride that encompassed everything from the Atlas Mountains in the north to the edges of the Sahara Desert in the south.

Speaking of the trip, Triumph says "explorers have crossed the water and are back in Malaga. What a trip! They have taken the new Triumph Tiger Explorer on the ultimate road test, from twisty mountain passes, to challenging off-road tracks, all the way to the Sahara Desert and back."

For a preview of the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer, click here.