JIMS Harley Handcrafted Engine Covers

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Harley-Davidson Cam Cover, Transmission Side Covers

JIMS new Handcrafted Welded Covers have the same precision machined quality expected from JIMS, but are now available in our brand new RawCut and Welded design.

These covers are plated with a bright dip, anodized finish and will update your bike to a tough new handcrafted look.

JIMS Handcrafted Welded Cam Cover and JIMS Handcrafted Welded Transmission Side Covers all feature a clean, precision cut fin pack design to aid in cooling and add to the rugged handcrafted feel.

These along with JIMS Handcrafted Welded Tappet Covers all share the same custom, hand-made welds that create the RawCut look we were after.

Even JIMS Pushrod Cover Tubes boast the same bright dip, anodized finish to match their counterparts. Applications vary, for more information log onto jimsusa.com, or call 805-482-6913. Also, check out JIMS on Facebook.