Gerbing’s Heated Clothing Invests in America


Gerbing’s Heated Clothing for Motorcycle Riders

Gerbing’s Heated Clothing, the industry’s leading manufacturer of heated clothing, gloves, socks and accessories, has opened a new factory in the U.S.

Jeff Gerbing (President & CEO) says: “We’re bringing Jobs back to America and employing our fellow Americans.

“It’s about time we started thinking of our country first, instead of just who’s got the cheapest prices. And the response from our customers has been over the top. They love it, and our high loyalty rankings have shot up even more.”

Gerbing spoke highly of the work force he’s encountered at his factory’s location in Stoneville, NC.

Jeff Gerbing says: “This area has a great textile history. And the skills and productivity of the people is second to none. Our U.S.-made products are every bit as good as what China used to make for us, and in several areas they’re better. We’re working on making them better in all areas.”

Part of that commitment has been to go beyond just manufacturing in the U.S. It’s a commitment to source all raw materials in the U.S. as well.

Jeff Gerbing says: “When I say we’re going to make a product in America, that means top to bottom. Every piece of cloth, every zipper, every plug, every wire, every thread is going to be sourced from American companies. That means we’re helping to employ Americans at those supplier companies as well. It’s win/win for us and for our country.”

The process of bringing all products back to U.S. sourcing and manufacture is on a timetable.

Jeff Gerbing says: “As you can imagine, this takes a tremendous investment. Right now we’re making our Heated Jacket Liners, Pant Linerss and Vest Liners in North Carolina. Over the next 3-to-5 years, we’re going to be investing even more and bringing our Heated Outerwear production here as well. Our gloves will also transition to the U.S. as will socks and all our accessories.”

The North Carolina facility is massive, as plans for growth continue.

Jeff Gerbing says: “We’re using 25,000 of an available 80,000 square feet. And there are more adjacent buildings to grow into. So our future is secure here. This is a vision I’ve had for years. It’s just time that someone took the lead and decided that Americans should come first.”


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